Touro College has contracted with professional security guard services to maintain and monitor security at its campuses and sites. Selected locations have armed Security Officers. Security Personnel are carefully screened before being assigned to Touro College, and supervised to ensure quality assurance. Security staff are supervised by means of their agency supervisor, and as well as the Campus Security Director.

Security personnel respond to emergency calls for service, enforce regulations, and assist in security building inspections and fire prevention. Electronic means, such as closed circuit television, are also used to monitor activities at many College centers.

The Security Officers may detain individuals who engage in illegal and criminal actions until New York City Police Officers arrive and/or your local Law Enforcement agency arrives. They are empowered to enforce Touro’s regulations, to investigate incidents, and to apprehend those who violate Touro regulations or commit crimes on campus. Criminal violators that are apprehended are turned over to the police. Our Security Officers are not Peace Officers or Police Officers and have no power of arrest.

Our Security Director meets regularly with Police Commanders to help ensure the safest environment for our campus community.


Our mission is to enhance the living, learning, and working experience at Touro by providing a safe educational environment. We fulfill this purpose by providing our community with a full range of services that meet the highest professional standards. The following core values guide us in this mission:

In the event that any changes to existing policies are made, proper notification will be communicated as follows: Employees and Faculty will be notified by the Human Resources department; Students will be notified by the Office of the Dean of Students.

You can help us by taking security seriously
Phone Numbers for Security
  1. 1726 Kings Highway is (718) 336-6471 X130
  2. 1610 E. 19th Street is (718) 787-1602 X224
  3. 1870 Stillwell is (718)265-6534 X 1009
  4. 532 Neptune is (718)449-6160 X 115
  5. Dov Revel is (718) 520-5107 X 111
  6. 10 W 65th Street is (212) 362-2542
  7. Bayshore is (631)665-1600 X 6297
  8. 43 West 23rd St is (212) 463-0400 x5392
  9. 27 West 23rd St (212)463-0400 x 5100
  10. 33 West 23rd St (212)463-0400 x 5782
  11. 950 Kings Highway (718) 301-2036
  12. Ave J (718)252-7800 X 212
  13. LCM Queens (718)820-5099
  14. LCW (212)873-3500 X 3526
  15. 10 W 65th St. (212)362-2542
  16. 175 W 85th Street (212)501-9317
  17. 65 Broadway (212)742-8770 X2425
  18. 240 W 125th Street (646)981-4524 Post 1 & (646)981-4525 Post 2
  19. 1401 Kings Highway (718) 998-1490 x101
  20. 50 West 23rd Street(212) 242-4668 X6045 (6TH FLR) AND (212) 242-4668 X6028 (7TH FLR)
  21. 133-35 Roosevelt Ave (718)353-6400 X105