HS 201: Independent Study - Community Service

Course Description Each student is required to complete an independent study that involves community service to individuals afflicted with physical or mental health problems, their families and friends. Upon completion of the community service, the student prepares a paper, presentation, or project related to this experience. The two major objectives of this course are (1) to increase the studentâ??s appreciation of the difficulties experienced by the patient, his family and friends, when illness and disability occur, and (2) to sensitize the student to the personal satisfaction gained by community service and the potential benefits of integrating community service with a lifelong career as a health care practitioner. Students may complete this requirement at any time between acceptance to the program and graduation. The specifics of the experience and project undertaken are negotiated on an individual basis between the student and the department faculty member advising the student for the project. Prerequisite: GPS 110
Prerequisites See description.
Credits 1