DPT 406: Lifespan I

Course Description This is the first course in a three-semester sequence. This course provides an overview of human development and an introduction to the principles of normal growth and development through childhood. This first course is designed for physical therapy students to examine various developmental theories and the multitude of factors influencing the normal developmental process. The students will integrate developmental norms and sequences in the cognitive, psychosocial, motor, speech and language, play and moral development domains, both longitudinally and horizontally. The students will observe children's development. The students will plan and problem-solve age-appropriate activities for the typically developing child. The students will also be able to summarize the effects of environmental and cultural factors on normal development and will be given the opportunity to individually explore development across the lifespan from a variety of perspectives (personal, cultural, ethnic, historical) through readings, observations, interviews and reflective assignments.
Prerequisites None
Credits 3