HS 418: Clinical Medicine

Course Description This course is designed to introduce the physical therapy students to the field of clinical sciences. It uses a systems approach to describe the material needed to understand diseases that require direct intervention of a physical therapist and to analyze pharmacological management. The course is an integrated approach to clinical problem-solving, and will utilize histology and pathology in the evolution of diseases that affect physical therapy practice. The course will first focus on basic histology and pathology so the student can build on this knowledge in understanding the pathophysiology of different diseases. The course will focus on the pathophysiology, etiology, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, and pharmacological management of common medical disorders encountered in hospital and other patient settings. The mechanisms of action, therapeutic uses, side effects and drug interactions will be explored. This course is designed as an integrated approach of histology, pathophysiology, medicine and pharmacology with special attention to situations encountered in physical therapy practice.
Prerequisites None
Credits 5.5