DPT 606: Cardiopulmonary System: Evaluation and Management I

Course Description This course is designed to integrate the physiology and pathophysiology of the cardiopulmonary system and to relate these foundation sciences to intervention and prevention strategies for cardiopulmonary impairments, limitations and disabilities. Emphasis will be placed on basic examination and evaluation of the cardiopulmonary system, differential diagnosis of cardiopulmonary practice patterns, prognoses, therapeutic interventions, wellness and prevention programs. Basic ECG interpretation and other cardiopulmonary diagnostic testing will be introduced. Students will be able to plan and implement Phase I cardiopulmonary rehabilitation plans of care including intervention strategies for well and compromised clients of all ages and all backgrounds in settings that include general acute care, and ICU/CCU. To facilitate this process, a problem-solving approach will be utilized throughout the course, in addition to lecture and laboratory sessions.
Prerequisites None
Credits 2