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Recommended Sequence of Courses

1st Year Credits
Semester I - Fall
COC 610 Clinical Methods in Speech-Language Pathology 3
COC 611 Diagnosis, Measurement and Evaluation 3
COC 612 Articulation and Phonology 3
COC 615 Neuroanatomy and Physiology of Speech 3
COC 630 Language Disorders in Pre-School and School-Age Children 3
Total: 15
Semester II - Spring
COC 621.1 Seminar Clinic (Internship) 2*
COC 621.2 Seminar Diagnosis (Internship) 2*
COC 627 Foundations of Research 3
COC 632 Language Disorders and Learning Disabilities 3
COC 633 Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
Total: 13
Semester III - Summer
COC 645 Aphasia 3
(COC 712 is normally the only elective
course offered in the Summer session)
Total: 6
2nd Year
Semester IV - Fall
COC 621.3 Seminar Externship I 2*
COC 637 Disorders of Fluency 3
COC 650 Voice Disorders 3
COC 651 Dysphagia 3
Elective (Choose 1 from the list below) 3
Total: 14
Semester V - Spring
COC 621.4 Seminar in Audiology 1
COC 621.5 Seminar Externship II 2*
COC 621.7 Seminar Research 1
COC 640 Advanced Audiology 3
Elective (Choose 1 from the list below) 3
Total: 10
Semester VI - Summer
COC 621.6 Seminar Externship III (if needed) 2*
Total: 2

Total Credits for M.S.: 58-60 credits (generally 58 credits; 60 credits if extra summer externship, COC 621.6, is needed to complete hour requirements).

*Credit value changed from 1 to 2 for sequence of practicum courses, beginning Spring 2010
** Required course for students entering Fall 2010


COC 710 Speech of the Hearing-Impaired
COC 712 Motor Speech Disorders
COC 715 Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Anomalies
COC 720 Rehabilitation of the Laryngectomee
COC 725 Cerebral Palsy
COC 728.2 Seminar on Topics in Language Disorders: Central Auditory Processing Disorders
COC 728.3 Seminar on Topics in Language Disorders: Multicultural and Bilingual Populations
COC 728.4 Seminar on Topics in Language Disorders: Language and Literacy
COC 728.5 Seminar on Topics in Language Disorders: Geriatrics (Normal and Abnormal Aging)
COC 728.6 Seminar on Topics in Language Disorders: Language Sampling Analysis
COC 728.7 Seminar on Topics in Language Disorders: Language and Cognitive Rehabilitation in MR, TBI, AIDS and Dementia
COC 728.9 Seminar on Topics in Language Disorders:
Memory and Cognition as Factors in Language Acquisition (Psycholinguistics)
COC 729 Language Intervention Across the Lifespan
COC 730 Speech Pathologist in the Public School
COC 731 Cluttering
COC 732 Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices
COC 733 Early Intervention


12 credits of education coursework. It is recommended that these requirements be fulfilled prior to entering the Speech-Language Pathology Program.

Sample of acceptable course sequence:
Required coursework:
EDU 201 Psychosocial Foundations of Learning, Growth and Development
EDU 316 Language Acquisition (lower grades) OR EDU 317 Language Acquisition (upper grades)

Two additional courses chosen from the following:
EDU 301 Teaching Reading and Language
EDU 302 Remediation of Reading
EDU 303 Teaching Social Studies
EDU 304 Teaching/Remediation of Math and Science
EDU 309 Principles of Curriculum/Students with Disabilities
EDU 310 Principles of Classroom Management/Students with Disabilities

In addition, each student must complete:

  • A seminar in child abuse (EDU 511) and school violence prevention (EDU 513)
  • The LAST and ATSW exams, OR, anticipated in 2014, a required portfolio
  • A grade of 600 or higher on the Praxis examination
  • Additional requirements such as fingerprinting and an externship experience in a school setting, may be found on the TEACH (NYSED.gov) website.

For course descriptions, please see the Lander Colleges of Arts and Sciences Bulletin.