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School Calendars

General Calendar 2015-2016

Sunday September 6 Labor Day Eve No Closed
Monday September 7 Labor Day No Closed
Sunday September 13 Rosh Hashanah eve Yes to 12:00* Close at 2:30
Monday September 14 Rosh Hashanah No Closed
Monday September 15 Rosh Hashanah No Closed
Wednesday September 16 Fast of Gedalia Yes Open
Tuesday September 22 Yom Kippur Eve Yes to 12:00* Close at 12:30
Wednesday September 23 Yom Kippur No Closed
Sunday September 27 Sukkot Eve Yes to 12:00* Close at 12:30
Mon & Tue September 28 & 29 Sukkot No Closed
Wed – Sat Sep 30 October 3 Intermediate Days of Sukkot Yes* Open
Sunday October 4 Hoshana Rabba Yes to 12:00* Close at 2:30
Monday October 5 Shmini Atzeret No Closed
Tuesday October 6 Simchat Torah No Closed
Wednesday November 25 Thanksgiving eve Yes to 5:00 Close at 5:30
Thursday November 26 Thanksgiving No Closed
Thursday November 27 Thanksgiving No closed
Tues - Sun Dec 22- Jan 3 Winter Break No closed
Tuesday December 22 Tenth of Tevet No (Winter Break) Open
Monday January 18 Martin Luther King Day No Closed
Sunday February 14 Presidents' Day Eve No Closed
Sunday February 15 Presidents' Day No Closed
Wednesday March 23 Fast of Esther Yes to 5:00 Open
Thursday March 24 Purim No Open
Friday April 22 Eve of Passover Yes to 12:00 * Close at 12:30
Sat & Sun April 23 & 24 Passover, first days No Closed
Mon - Thurs–April 25 – 28 Intermediate days of Passover No Open
Fri & Sat April 29 & 30 Passover, last days No Closed
Sunday May 1 Day after Passover Yes * Open
Sunday May 29 Memorial Day Eve No Closed
Monday May 30 Memorial Day No Closed
Saturday June 11 Shavout Eve No Closed
Sun & Mon Jun 12 & 13 Shavout No Closed
Tuesday June 14 Day After Shavuot Yes Open

Each program has its own calendar which you can consult for specific information regarding the dates for the start and end of each semester, examination periods, deadlines for adding or dropping courses, periods of clinical rotations, dates for winter and spring breaks, and perhaps other variations in the calendar for that program. Please note that the school building closes at 3pm on Fridays and is closed on all Saturdays.