NUR 300: Medical-Surgical Nursing II (formerly NUR 240)

Course Description Designed to advance the theoretical and clinical knowledge of the student for managing care of the adult medical-surgical patient. Emphasis is placed on identifying specific universal, developmental and health deviation self-care requisites and deficits, as well as gerontological changes that interfere with the adult patient's ability to manage increasingly complex self-care needs. Both the nursing and medical management associated with meeting the needs of patients with various medical-surgical conditions are discussed. The nursing process continues to be incorporated utilizing Orem's Self- Care Deficit Theory as a framework for the organization and provision of care for the adult medical- surgical patient. The course also introduces the nurse's role as manager of care. Clinical experiences include opportunities for students to care for adult medical-surgical patients in the acute care setting. Integration of the nursing process, as well as the psychosocial, physiological and socio-cultural needs of the adult medical-surgical patient population are investigated during each clinical experience.
Prerequisites NUR 200
Credits 5