NUR 301: Medical-Surgical Nursing III (formerly NUR 241)

Course Description This course is designed to advance and refine the theoretical and clinical knowledge of the student when managing care of the adult medical-surgical patient. Emphasis is placed on evaluating specific universal, developmental and health deviation self-care requisites and deficits, as well as gerontological changes that interfere with the adult patient's ability to manage increasingly complex self-care needs. Both the nursing and medical management associated with meeting the needs of patients with complex medical-surgical conditions are discussed. The nursing process continues to be incorporated utilizing Orem's Self- Care Deficit Theory as a framework for the organization and provision of care for the adult medical-surgical patient. This course focuses on the student's assimilation of knowledge related to nursing, liberal arts, health and social sciences in the care of a complex adult medical-surgical patient. Students are expected to be pro-active participants in both the theoretical and clinical components of this course. Clinical experiences include opportunities for students to care for adult patients with complex medical-surgical needs. The focus of the clinical experience will be to facilitate the transition of the student to the role of the professional registered nurse. Integration of the nursing process, as well as the psychosocial, physiological and socio-cultural needs of the adult medical-surgical patient population will be assessed during each clinical experience.
Prerequisites NUR 300
Credits 5