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Recommended Sequence of Courses


Course credits
HS 301 Physiology 5
HS 304 Human Gross Anatomy (for Bay Shore students)* 7
HS 305 Human Gross Anatomy (for Manhattan students)* 7
OT 322 Growth and Development I 2
OT 330 Psychosocial Studies and Group Process I 3
OT 371 Introduction to Occupational Therapy 3
Total 20
HS 352 Kinesiology 4
HS 390 Neuroscience 4
OT 302 Level II Fieldwork and Seminar
(12 weeks full-time in a Psychosocial setting)
OT 323 Growth and Development II 2
OT 331 Psychosocial Studies and Group Process II 3
OT 335 Substance Abuse Seminar 1
OT 376 Foundations of Occupational Therapy 3
Total 20


HS 440 Human Disease Processes I 3
OT 415 Pediatrics 3
OT 460 Prosthetics and Orthotics 3
OT 470 Occupational Therapy Theory and Practice: Pediatrics 4
OT 475 Occupational Therapy Theory and Practice: Physical Disabilities I 3
OT 495 Research Design and Statistics I 2
Total 18
HS 441 Human Disease Processes II 3
HS 447 Health Promotion/Patient and Professional Education 2
OT 402 Level II Fieldwork and Seminar
(12 weeks full-time in a Physical Disabilities setting)
OT 405 Gerontology 2
OT 465 Rehabilitation Design 2
OT 476 Occupational Therapy Theory and Practice: Physical Disabilities II 3
OT 496 Research Design and Statistics II 2
Total 17


HS 651 Administration/Health Care Delivery 2
OT 640 Current Trends in Occupational Therapy Practice 2
OT 670 Advanced Analysis and Synthesis of Activity 3
OT 695 Research I 3
Select two of the following (availability depends on enrollment; subject to change):
OT 660 Advanced Clinical Neurology 3
OT 661 Cognitive Rehabilitation 3
OT 662 Vocational Readiness 3
OT 663 Advanced Clinical Orthopedics 3
Total 16
SEMESTER VI - Ten (10) Weeks plus fieldwork
OT 602 Advanced Fieldwork Elective
(8 weeks of full-time in an elective area)
OT 649 Graduate Independent Study 1
OT 650 Specialty Area Seminar 3
OT 655 Advanced Clinical Reasoning 3
OT 675 Advanced Occupational Therapy Theory and Practice 3
OT 696 Research II 3
Total 15
HS 668 Independent Study-Community Service*** 1
OT 385 Service Learning in Elder Care 1

* HS 304 Human Gross Anatomy at the Bay Shore campus is taught utilizing human cadaver dissection. At the Manhattan campus, HS 305 is taught utilizing computer-generated images, physical models, and other multimedia tools.
** Availability depends on enrollment; topics will vary and may include but is not limited to: hand therapy, school-based OT, gerontology, adult rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, developmental disabilities, adult psychosocial rehabilitation, child psychosocial rehabilitation.
*** All students of the School of Health Sciences must complete a one credit independent study in Community Service to be eligible for graduation. This course may be taken at any time during the student's time at Touro; however, first semester of the first year is not recommended. OT 385 also will meet the requirement. See your advisor regarding these courses.

Program Totals for BSHS/MSOT

Total prerequisite credits60 (minimum)
Total Touro credits for BS75
Total Touro credits for MS31
Total credits for Community Service requirement1