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Students Testimonials

Hear from our students while they were in their programs, and read about where they are now:

Crystal, Class of 2007

Currently working for the New York City Department of Education fulfilling her scholarship obligation and states she is "loving every day of being an OT" in the New York City school system. Since graduating she has continuously worked with both the adult and pediatric areas. Concurrently, she is a student at the University of St. Augustine where she is pursuing a Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree. "I think Touro has a great OT program that really prepares you to be an effective OT in today's healthcare system." "My sister is interested in becoming an occupational therapist and is looking into the program at Touro."
Eurice, Class of 2007

A first generation college graduate, she is thrilled to be fulfilling her NYC Department of Education scholarship obligation within her own community, in upper Manhattan. This assignment has been an opportunity to give back to that community by providing needed occupational therapy services in a greatly underserved area.
Tovah, Class of 2007

Now a busy mother of two, she still finds the time to work 20 hours a week in a pediatric practice setting. "I love that I can work a little bit and still be home with my children. On the side, I do some adult home care (I wanted to stay current in rehab)."
Kathleen, Class of 2007

For the past two years, she has been fulfilling her NYC Department of Education scholarship obligation"...and loving it." Since graduating she has presented research papers at state and national professional association conferences and, along with colleagues at her worksite, was the recipient of a grant that allowed for the purchase state-of-the-art computerized game system that can be used for treatment as well as research.
Sara, Class of 2008,

A busy mother, both now and while a student, this alum has found a way to work three days a week in a clinic for children in her community. She plans to increase the number of days she works as her children get older.
Class of 2011

About to enter her third and final year of studies in the BSHS/MSOT program, this student anticipates graduating in January 2011.
Sean, Class of 2005

Aside from being the busy director of an expanding community-based mental health program, this graduate is an adjunct faculty member in various OT programs in the New York metropolitan area.
Sarah, Class of 2000

Co-owner of private pediatric practice known for its novel use of Animal Assistive Therapy, this alum is a very active fieldwork supervisor for occupational therapy students from many OT programs in the area. She is currently involved in research and is working on a book that will focus on her area of expertise, Animal Assistive Therapy in Pediatrics, and the techniques she has developed.