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OT Tuition, Fees and Expenses

The majority of students attend the OT Program on a full-time basis. This requires a major commitment of both time and resources.

Tuition and fees for the 2016-2017 academic year are as follows:

Full-time tuition per semester (12 or more credits) $14,215
Extended study program (per credit fee) $835
Per credit tuition (less than 12 credits, other than extended study) $1,280
Tuition deposit (non-refundable, applied to 1st semester tuition) $1000
Administrative fee (per semester) $100
Application Fee$50
Laboratory fee (per year) $100
Technology fee per semester (Fall & Spring) $100
Program Equipment Fee (incoming students only) $750
Graduation fee (due with final semester registration) $200
Late Registration Fee $50

Tuition and fees are subject to change annually. The Touro College Board of Trustees reserves the right to change the tuition and fees schedule without prior written notice.

Students should obtain updated tuition and fees information at the time of their inquiry or application for admission to the program.

Students are encouraged to meet with the Financial Aid Counselor early in the application process to plan for the following added expenses:

  • Additional fees that may be charged to cover student manuals and educational packets. Fees may vary by semester.
  • Annual personal expenses for books, travel to school and fieldwork assignments, housing, food, uniforms, supplies, and other items – these will vary greatly from individual to individual.
  • Travel plus room and board for fieldwork placements for students who travel to out-of-town facilities.
  • All OT students are required to be covered by health insurance for the duration of the program.
  • Students preparing for graduation from the Occupational Therapy program should anticipate expenses up to $1,000 in order to cover such items as: graduation fee, licensure applications and fees and certification examination fees.

Material fees and Lab fees are applied to annual malpractice insurance coverage of students, lab kits, lab and course supplies and materials including but not limited to: splinting supplies and materials, media lab supplies and materials, other course lab supplies and materials including computer-based learning programs.