HS 668, 669: Independent Study-Community Service

Course Description In keeping with the Touro College mission to serve the larger community, students in the School of Health Sciences are required to complete an independent study that involves a minimum of twenty-five (25) hours of community service with individuals disadvantaged due to illness, disability, or other circumstance. The purpose of this requirement is to (1) provide students in the School of Health Sciences with an opportunity to learn from, and give back to, the larger community; (2) enhance awareness of how a disability or illness impacts the individual, family, friends, caregivers, and community. Through this experience, students may interact with people from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, with people who have impairments leading to functional limitations in the physical, cognitive, and/or social-emotional domains, or with people who struggle with issues related to poverty, homelessness and hunger. The specifics of the experience and project undertaken are negotiated on an individual basis between the student and the department faculty advisor. HS 669 may be taken as an additional elective, upon approval of the student's advisor, in the same or subsequent semesters.
Credits 1