OT 402: Level II Fieldwork and Seminar

Course Description This is the second full-time, 12-week clinical experience under the supervision of a registered/licensed occupational therapist. The focus is on physical disabilities. Students will have completed the studies necessary to integrate theory and practice into clinical skills. The student is able to treat the "whole" person, acknowledging the psychological impact of his/her impairment, and utilizing newly acquired clinical skills to treat the physical activity limitations or participation restrictions. By the end of the clinical experience, the student should be able to assess, evaluate, plan goals, develop treatment plans, and treat and document patient care efficiently and effectively. A seminar is scheduled periodically to maintain contact between the student and faculty, in order to work on areas of weakness, pre-empt problem areas among the student, faculty, and clinical site, and to allow a forum for students to discuss their concerns and/or positive experiences.
Credits 3