OT 405: Gerontology

Course Description This course focuses on the aging process and its physiological, sociological, and psychological effects. Students will learn to connect theories of gerontology relevant to occupational therapy and incorporate them into entry-level practice. The course focuses on the role of occupational therapy with this specialty population, with emphasis on principles of geriatric rehabilitation (in-patient, out-patient, and home care), long term care, wellness and safety programs, hospice, and community-based programs (socialization, day treatment, and day care programs). Students learn necessary tools to conducting evaluations with older adults. Students will gain insight into how treatment plans can differ with older adults, as well as how the use of adaptive equipment, assistive technology, and environmental modifications improve the quality of life of older persons. Students also address the role of OT with community-dwelling older adults, with attention to their heterogeneity and strengths and capabilities through the required service learning experience.
Prerequisites OT 302, HS 440
Credits 2