PAC 670: Primary Care Medicine

Course Description Students are assigned to an out-patient department, primary care medical clinic or office practice, and work under supervision of licensed physicians and/or physician assistants and in conjunction with the health care team. This core rotation provides students with the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to serve a diverse cross-section of the patient population, and to treat patients of all ages in an ambulatory care setting. Students learn how to provide family-oriented primary care services, including acute and chronic disease management, health promotion, maintenance, psychosocial aspects of health care, patient education and disease prevention. Students incrementally develop the ability to analyze and synthesize medical information, to reason independently, and to apply the concepts of medical decision-making and problem-solving to complex patient presentations. In addition, students are familiarized with the differences in the coordination, management and follow-up of the outpatient as compared to the hospitalized patient, and with recognizing when to refer the patient for hospital admission. Students can also choose to repeat this core rotation as a Main Discipline Elective. PAC670 must be completed in order to begin PAC660, Primary Care Medicine Elective.
Prerequisites PAC 660
Credits 5