PAC 674: Internal Medicine

Course Description Students are assigned to the Department of Medicine and work directly under the supervision of the medical house staff. PAC674 is a core rotation where students medically evaluate hospitalized patients and follow their daily progress. In doing so, students learn to correlate history and physical findings with the patient's physiological and laboratory data and emotional state, in order to arrive at a differential diagnosis, formulate a treatment plan, and provide continuity of care. Students develop skills and demonstrate competency in performing and interpreting a variety of medical procedures and tasks. Attendance at daily rounds, grand rounds, medical conferences and an orientation to the medical intensive care unit are required. In certain settings, there are opportunities to work with the house-staff who are assigned to the medical clinic area, to monitor and follow up patient management problems, and to participate in the formulation of their management plans. Students incrementally develop the ability to analyze and synthesize medical information, to reason independently, and to apply the concepts of medical decision-making and problem-solving to complex patient presentations. Students are expected to attend daily rounds, grand rounds, and scheduled lectures. Students can also choose to repeat this core rotation as a Main Discipline Elective. PAC674 must be completed in order to begin PAC664, Internal Medicine Elective
Prerequisites prerequisite for PAC664
Credits 5