PAC 675: Long-Term Care

Course Description Students are assigned to work under the supervision of licensed physicians and/or physician assistants in conjunction with the healthcare team to gain practical clinical experience in working with the elderly and those patients who are suffering from chronic diseases. PAC675 is a core rotation where students are exposed to a wide variety of common geriatric and long-term care problems. This rotation stresses characteristics of the normal aging process, so that students may better identify and address deviations from the norm. Students gain exposure to end-of-life issues and psychosocial dynamics. Students incrementally develop the ability to analyze and synthesize medical information, to reason independently, and to apply the concepts of medical decision-making and problem-solving to complex patient presentations. Students can also choose to repeat this core rotation as a Main Discipline Elective. PAC675 must be completed in order to begin PAC665, Long Term Care Elective
Prerequisites PAC665
Credits 5