PAC 677 : Psychiatry

Course Description Students are assigned to work under the supervision of licensed physicians and/or physician assistants in conjunction with the healthcare team in an inpatient psychiatric setting, where they will learn a biopsychosocial approach to mental illness. In this elective rotation, students will evaluate and manage patients with a variety of psychiatric problems, do follow-up evaluations of those patients seen in the Psychiatric Emergency Room, and develop skills in the performance of mental status exams and psychiatric interviews. Students study the diagnoses and treatment plans of child and adolescent patients, and the daily, intensive long-term treatment of severely disturbed out-patients, to gain an understanding of psychopathology, therapeutic community and team functioning. Students incrementally develop the ability to analyze and synthesize medical information, to reason independently, and to apply the concepts of medical decision-making and problem-solving to complex patient presentations. Students are expected to attend scheduled lectures.
Credits 5