PAC 686: Forensic Medicine

Course Description This elective rotation provides students with a clinical experience in which there is an interface between medicine and the law, especially regarding patient deaths, some of which will fall under the jurisdiction of the Medical Examiner. This rotation provides students with the opportunity to observe and perform the tasks associated with PA's who work as Forensic (medico-legal) Investigators. Working with Forensic Pathologists, students are exposed to and participate in the forensic autopsy, and also spend time in the forensic serology and toxicology labs. They are introduced to forensic anthropology, forensic odontology and forensic photography. Through this rotation, students become familiar with the modern medical examiner system, the role of the Medical Examiner, and his/her relation to the criminal justice system. Students also learn the interpersonal skills necessary in dealing with families who are coping with sudden and unexpected death, public health and safety issues, and medicolegal issues. Students attend daily case review, scheduled lectures, and conferences while on the Forensic Medicine rotation. Students are required to write a clinical research paper on a relevant topic or case.
Credits 5