PAM 428: Clinical Procedures and Diagnostic Modalities

Course Description Deals with laboratory medicine, the technical skills of clinical laboratory medicine, diagnostic imaging, and the procedure-oriented skills that students will require on rotation. The student learns basic clinical laboratory determinations and values and their correlation with normal and disease states. Practical sessions are given in urinalysis, hematology (CBC, hematocrit), and microbiology (Gram staining, pure culture techniques, antibiotic spectrum). The student is introduced to imaging modalities and their role in clinical medicine, with emphasis on conventional radiography with some discussion of ultrasound CT, and MRI. Included are studies of the chest and abdomen, GI series, GU radiology, examination of extremities, and mammography. In the lab portion, the student learns the principles of sterile technique and universal precautions. There are also hands-on sessions in phlebotomy, starting IVs, giving injections, and placing urinary catheters and nasogastric tubes.
Credits 2