PAM 623: General Surgery

Course Description Encompasses general surgery and its subspecialties orthopedics and otolaryngology. General surgery is a continuation of PAM 619 and covers surgical diseases of the esophagus, stomach, intestines, circulatory system, and urogenital system. The orthopedics section considers the diagnosis and treatment of sprains, fractures, and dislocations, preparation and application of bandages, splints and casts. Common orthopedic problems of the hand, knee, shoulder and back are covered. Included is a practical session in casting. The otolaryngology unit reviews the structure and function of the ears, nose parotid glands, oral cavity, and larynx. Emphasis is placed on the recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of common ENT disorders. Normal growth patterns, abnormalities, and the special senses (hearing, taste and smell) are presented as each unit is presented. Lectures also cover the use of such basic diagnostic modalities as audiograms, tympanograms, and direct and indirect nasopharyngoscopy.
Credits 3