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Tuition, Fees and Expenses (Standard A3.14f)

Students are admitted to the program on a full-time basis. This requires a major commitment of both time and resources. Estimated total program cost, based on tuition and fees for the 2016-2017 academic year, would be $86,440.*

2016-2017 Tuition and Fees are:

Full-time tuition, per semester(Fall, Spring, Summer) $13,320
Tuition - per credit$1,090
Tuition deposit(non-refundable, applied to 1st semester tuition) $1,500
Administrative Fee, per semester(Fall, Spring, Summer) $100
Malpractice Insurance fee, per semester $30
Laboratory fee, per semester(Fall, Spring, Summer) $425
Graduation fee(with final semester registration) $200
Clinical Site Fee(Fall, Spring, Summer) $1000
Occupational Medicine Fee(Fall, Spring, Summer) $125
Tablet/PC fee, Incoming students only(One Time Fee) $1015
Technology Fee, per semester $100
Late registration fee $50
Returned check fee $40
Stop payment fee $50
Official transcript fee $10

Professional Expenses

Personal expenses for books, travel, housing, food, uniforms, supplies, and other items vary greatly from individual to individual. All students are required to carry health insurance, and cover the cost of background checks performed by clinical affiliation sites. Students are encouraged to meet with a financial aid counselor early in the application process to plan for these expenses.

A breakdown of estimated professional expenses is as follows:

Medical supplies (including lab coat)$975 (1st semester)
Background check$90 (required 1st semester)
Books$2,500 (total of 2 years)

* The Board of Trustees of Touro College reserves the right to change tuition and fees without prior written notice.


Students wishing to withdraw from the College must contact the PA Program. On approved applications and when withdrawing from ALL classes, the following withdrawal credit schedule will apply:

Fall and Spring Sessions

Before the opening day of class: l00% of tuition
During the 1st week of class: 90% of tuition
During the 2nd week of class: 75% of tuition
During the 3rd week of class: 50% of tuition
During the 4th week of class: 25% of tuition
After the 4th week of class: No credit given

Summer Semester (if 6 weeks or less)

Before the opening day of class: l00% of tuition
During the 1st week of class: 60% of tuition
During the 2nd week of class: 20% of tuition
After the 2nd week of class: No credit given

Please note that, when a student in receipt of Title IV funds withdraws from school, a Federal recalculation takes place. You may obtain a copy of these regulations from the Financial Aid office. If the student has not paid full tuition and fees for the term in which the withdrawal takes place, he or shemust pay the proportionate amount noted above before leaving the College. In cases of academic dismissal, tuition paid in advance for the term immediately following the dismissal date will be 100% refundable.