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Program Curriculum Guide:

First Semester (Months 1-4)

CourseCourse NameCreditsHours
MPA 645 OLHealth Science Epidemiology & Biostatistics230
MPA 646 OLMedical Research Methods & Literature Review345
MPA 653 OLMaster's Project One115

Second Semester (Months 5-8)

CourseCourse NameCreditsHours
MPA 647 OLMedical Ethics & Health Care Policy345
MPA 654 OLMaster's Project Two115

Third Semester (Months 9-12)

CourseCourse NameCreditsHours
MPA 642 OLHealth Care Delivery Systems345
MPA 664 OL Evidence-Based Medicine 345
MPA 655 OL Master's Project Three115

The program offers the flexibility of five start dates: January 01, March 15, May 20, August 22, and October 31. All students will follow the above sequence of semesters and courses therein. Each semester is a pre-requisite for the following one and each semester must be completed successfully in order to proceed to the next one.