MPA 641: Research Methods and Literature Review

Course Description As the second course in the research module, which culminates with the Master's Project, this course builds on the knowledge acquired in Applied Epidemiology & Biostatistics (MPA 640) and further focuses on variations in research methodology and experimental design. Students are introduced to comparative strengths and weaknesses of study designs, appropriate statistical analysis for specific study designs, methods of control, measurement, data collection, and guidelines for the professional communication of results. Students will also learn to conduct computerized database searches of medical literature, to evaluate evidence-based resources and apply evidence-based criteria to medical decision-making. Emphasis is on the development of skills required to contribute to the development of the body of knowledge of the profession. Ethical issues in medicine and research are discussed, including Belmont Report standards and Institutional Review Board protocol. Students learn to utilize statistical analysis software and will have an opportunity to review, critique and produce work in accordance with scientific standards in the field.
Credits 3