PAM 635: Clinical Skills

Course Description Enables the student to develop and perfect skills that will be required on clinical rotations. The course encompasses Clinical Experiences, Clinical Procedures, and Clinical Correlations. The Clinical Experiences component provides the students with direct patient contact wherein they can perfect their skills in history-taking, physical examination, and writing H&Ps. In the Clinical Procedures component, students learn the basic principles of sterile technique and universal precautions. There are hands-on sessions in phlebotomy, starting IVs, giving injections, placing urinary catheters and nasogastric tubes. The Clinical Correlations component allows students to fully assimilate and utilize their medical and basic sciences knowledge along with problem-oriented history and physical examination skills to analyze the types of patient health care problems they may encounter in the clinical environment. This component utilizes the problem-based learning method as an instructional model, wherein students work both in groups and individually to apply critical reasoning skills to the assessment of clinical problems and case scenarios.
Credits 2