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Job Opportunities

As a courtesy to its students and the public Touro College School of Health Sciences ("SHS") posts job information on its website. SHS does not verify the validity and/or accuracy of job listings. Situations change rapidly in the job marketplace, and therefore SHS does not and cannot guarantee that the position or details listed will still exist, as posted, at the time of inquiry.

Furthermore, SHS makes no representation or guarantee about positions listed and is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, accreditation, licensure or other aspects of employment. It is each individual's responsibility to thoroughly research the integrity of each organization to which he or she is applying. The student should take all care and use common sense and caution when applying for or accepting any position.

  1. California Family Practice PA, 2014-11-23

  2. Kansas Primary Care PA, 2014-11-18

  3. California Internal Medicine PA, 2014-11-18

  4. Director, Masters in Physician Assistant Program, 2014-11-12

  5. California Orthopedic Spine PA, 2014-11-11

  6. Mid Michigan Family Practice PA, 2014-11-08

  7. Wisconsin Occupational Medicine, 2014-11-08

  8. Pennsylvania Pediatric PA, 2014-11-03

  9. Central Illinois ENT PA, 2014-11-03

  10. Michigan Orthopedic PA, 2014-10-27

  11. Ohio Cardiology PA, 2014-10-21

  12. Ohio Cardiology PA, 2014-10-21

  13. Wisconsin Family Practice PA, 2014-10-21

  14. Michigan Family Practice PA, 2014-10-09

  15. Job Opening at Vassar College, 2014-10-08

  16. Missouri Orthopedics PA, 2014-10-05

  17. California Orthopedic PA, 2014-10-05

  18. Pediatric office, 2014-09-23

  19. Physician Assistant opening for Onsite Medical office in Deer Park, 2014-09-18

  20. Indianapolis GI PA, 2014-09-16

  21. Illinois Interventional Radiology, 2014-09-16

  22. Illinois Oncology PA, 2014-09-16

  23. Michigan Urgent Care PA, 2014-09-16

  24. Pennsylvania Occupational Med PA, 2014-09-16

  25. PA position available PT or FT, 2014-09-08

  26. job opening, 2014-09-03

  27. Illinois Orthopedic PA, 2014-09-01

  28. Chicago Sports Medicine PA, 2014-08-26

  29. Hiring PA, 2014-08-15

  30. Surgery position, 2014-08-15

  31. Pennsylvania PM&R Physician Assistant, 2014-08-10

  32. Northern Illinois Mental Health PA, 2014-08-10

  33. Pittsburgh Urology PA, 2014-08-10