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Student and Professional Organizations

Students play an important role in helping the PA profession stay current and progressive. Organizations provide a basis for students' professional growth through various student workshops, in-services, meetings and conferences that are available at reduced rates with membership.

Students are required to join the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA). Many publications are available to AAPA members free of charge (i.e., JAAPA, PA Journal, Clinician Review, PA Prescribing Reference). Student membership requires a one-time fee of $75 which expires 4 months after graduation. The New York State Society of Physician Assistants (NYSSPA) also offers student memberships, for a one-time fee of $60, which last for the duration of a student's enrollment in the program.

The Student Academy of AAPA (SAAAPA) provides information which may be of interest to Physician Assistant students, such as how to improve a program's Student Society, SAAAPA position on various topics, annual SAAAPA awards, other organizations that students can become involved with, and much more.

The student body has established a PA Student Society, which consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assembly of Representatives (AOR) Representative, AOR Alternate, House of Delegates (HOD) Representative, Student Diversity Committee Representative (SDCR), Constituent Chapter Student Representative, External Affairs Chairperson, and Student Society Historian. The Student Society provides a background of valuable experience for involvement and professional enrichment. Student societies provide PA students with a chance to interact with other students who have the same interests. These interactions can serve many purposes, such as helping to meet other students in a social atmosphere; working to educate others about the PA profession; improving the community with projects the society implements; or enhancing one's own leadership skills. The student society provides a way for you to get involved with your peers, the PA profession, and the community.