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About the Program

The Manhattan Campus Physician Assistant Program is a non-traditional, intense 32-month program, leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies. The 127-credit curriculum is composed of eight 15-week semesters, organized into a didactic phase, a clinical phase, and a culminating semester. The first 16 months is the didactic phase devoted to progressive development of knowledge and competencies in the basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, behavioral sciences, and research methodologies. This phase entails evening/weekend scheduling of coursework, i.e. Monday through Thursday 4pm - 9pm and Sundays 9am - 5pm.

The next 12 months comprise the clinical phase, in which students are provided with supervised clinical practice experiences through nine rotations, each lasting five weeks, in clinical sites such as hospitals, clinics, and private practices, in a traditional full-time format. During the clinical phase learning experiences, students develop their identities as health care practitioners and members of the professional health care team

The final 4 months are the culminating semester and include graduate coursework, an advanced clinical rotation elective, and completion of a capstone Master's project.