DPT 710: Research Methods/ Statistics

Course Description Introduces students to the process of interpretation, analysis and evaluation of research in physical therapy; to the development of a scientific approach to problem solving in clinical practice; and to critical thinking in the assessment of new and established intervention protocols. Emphasis is placed on the integration of research methodology with the appropriate statistical treatments that logically complement specific research designs in clinical research. Preference is given to the analysis and evaluation of research studies that examine significant clinical problems, including the efficacy of new and established intervention protocols, in order to assess the relationship of research to clinical evidence-based practice. Students are expected to integrate basic and advanced statistical treatments with various research design strategies utilized in clinical research in physical therapy. Emphasis is placed on the ability to select and evaluate the appropriate parametric and/or non-parametric statistical tests for use with normal and/or special and non-normal sample populations, respectively. With the integration of advanced statistical procedures that make use of non-parametric tests, students assess the limitations of statistical inference, especially where categorical qualitative or subjective data and/or non-normal populations are considered. Special attention is given to ethical considerations in the use of human subjects in clinical research. In addition, this course is designed to prepare qualified students to carry out independent research work in DPT 795/796 (Doctoral Project).
Credits 4