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Fieldwork Experience

Fieldwork experience is an integral part of the student's occupational therapy education at Touro College. It provides students with opportunities to practice new skills, observe client/patient behavior, model practice after master clinicians, and explore the application of didactic and theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom.
Level I fieldwork consists of site visits to clinical settings while classes are in session, usually related to a particular class. These visits are intended as preliminary exposure and exploration opportunities, although they may also include specific assignments. Level I fieldwork occurs throughout the curriculum. Students should plan ahead to schedule these daytime commitments during the 3rd and 4th semesters.
Level II fieldwork is a full-time, daytime workweek placement in a clinical setting under the supervision of an experienced occupational therapy practitioner. Each of the two Level II fieldwork experiences is full-time at a single site. Students on Level II fieldwork are expected to abide by the legal, ethical, and procedural standards of the center, the profession, and the School. The Fieldwork Coordinator schedules Level II fieldwork placement in centers that have a contractual agreement with Touro. Only the School and the Department can act as representatives in the development of such a clinical contract.
Students will be scheduled for fieldwork in advance from our pool of centers. Placement may be at local or distant, out-of-town sites.
All the clinical fieldwork experiences must be completed in the pre-arranged sequence. Failure to complete the proper sequence may significantly interrupt the sequence of courses available, and/or the timely completion of the entire program of study.
Students in the AAS-OTA program must complete all Level II Fieldwork within 18 months of the completion of all academic courses.