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Mission and Educational Philosophy

The Touro College Occupational Therapy Assistant department is dedicated to the education of future clinicians, in keeping with the Touro College mission and reflective of the core values of the College which include belief in the value of education to better the individual and society, and the promotion of ethical and humanistic values. The Department's mission is also linked to that of the Graduate Division, in its focus on high academic standards and its commitment to social justice, equality and service to traditionally-underserved populations. The School of Health Sciences, an integral part of the Graduate Division, emphasizes academic achievement within a supportive and caring learning environment, a value that is essential to our department. The faculty of the Occupational Therapy Assistant department supports this mission by ensuring academic rigor and excellence in instruction, engaging in research and service to communities, and educating students who will influence the health of their communities.

The word "occupation" refers to how one uses time, including self-care, work and leisure. Occupational therapy practitioners use occupation-based interventions to help clients 'Live Life to Its Fullest.' Occupational Therapy Assistants are educated to provide treatment to meet clients' occupational needs for maximum independence. Occupational therapy practice requires clinical competence in utilizing meaningful occupations as both the method and the goal of treatment. The Touro College Occupational Therapy Assistant department is committed to producing graduates who will provide the highest quality Occupational Therapy Assistant services to consumers.

Consumers of occupational therapy benefit greatly from support for their health and wellness from clinicians who value their personal narrative regarding the meaningful experiences of their lives. The OTA Program at Touro College educates students utilizing the reflective process, thereby developing sensitivity to clients' concerns and ultimately enhancing students' clinical reasoning skills.

The Occupational Therapy Assistant department recognizes that we educate adult learners as diverse as the metropolitan area in which we teach. Utilizing the diversity of the student population to enhance the development of the skills necessary for the collaborative therapeutic process is a key component of the program. We believe in an educational process that is multi-dimensional, to reflect the multi-dimensional character of the clients our graduates will serve. We take advantage of our students' intrinsic motivation to help others by refining their sense of self and supporting their development as skilled clinical practitioners.

Predicated on the OTA department's mission and educational philosophy, the strategic goals of the department are to:

  • Promote and increase faculty scholarship and pedagogical skills
  • Maximize the processes and avenues by which the program meets the needs of its diverse student population
  • Prepare graduates as competent occupational therapy assistants who will continue to develop their knowledge and skills in the science and art of excellent therapeutic interventions, through life-long learning and inquiry