DPT 601: Professional Development II

Course Description This is the introductory course to the Clinical Education experience. During this seminar series, the student will become familiarized with the philosophy, organization, policies and procedures of the Clinical Education sequence. In addition, students will be familiarized with the specific course objectives and requirements of DPT 600, the first clinical experience. DPT 601 contains the series of seminars that lay the foundation for the Clinical Education experiences. The seminars are scheduled prior to, during and following DPT 600. Topics to be discussed will include dress code, policies and procedures of Clinical Education, student responsibilities, learning styles, clinical objectives, the clinical performance grading form, issues pertinent to cultural diversity and its relatedness to health care delivery. The mid-affiliation small group discussion seminar will allow students to share reflections on their personal experiences as first-time affiliates and to learn from their classmates. Students will gain a heightened awareness of ethical principles, the role of the PT in the health care team, and the influence of medical, emotional and social factors on patient compliance. Students will learn practical approaches that will help them provide better psychological support to patients. The class will also receive reinforcement of issues related to the affiliation.
Prerequisites None
Credits 1