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Clinical Education: Information for Clinical Educators

Dear Clinical Educator,

Thank you for participating in the clinical education of our students. As a clinical educator for the Touro College Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, the following information pertains to you:

Continuing Education Hours

In certain states, supervising a student as a clinical instructor is a way to fulfill required continuing education hours for licensure. In New York State, .25 hours of continuing education is granted for each two-week period of supervision of a student (capped at 6 hours per three-year registration period). Please check with your state's education regulations regarding this matter.

Use of the Touro College Libraries

Clinical instructors directly supervising Touro College DPT students may be issued usernames and passwords to the department of Libraries' proprietary databases. To obtain a username and password, please contact Dr. Laura Hagan PT, DPT, OCS, Director of Clinical Education (DCE) at the Manhattan Campus at 212-463-0400 ext 5647 or Dr. Raymond Mattfeld PT, DPT, OCS, ATC, Director of Clinical Education at the Bay Shore Campus, 631-665-1600 ext 6233

Education of our Clinical Faculty

The core faculty members of the Touro College DPT program are available to provide in-services to the clinical instructors/physical therapists at your facility. A list of topics and instructors are provided each year in the mailing that is sent out with Touro's request for clinical slots. Clinical faculty should contact the DCE if they are interested in organizing an in-service.

You can access more information regarding clinical education at the American Physical Therapy Website, where you can find the CCCE Reference manual, CSIF form, and other helpful tools.