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Kimberly Jones, Class of 2010

As a third year student who is about to enter the field of physical therapy, I feel that Touro's DPT program has given me a solid foundation upon which to build my physical therapy career. I value the information from the faculty, and appreciate the opportunities this program has given me to participate in conferences and organizations outside of the classroom. The small class sizes and approachable faculty have made it a comfortable learning experience. My classmates have become family and I am thankful that we were able to support and help each other through semesters. I know that I have made lasting friendships as well as professional connections here at Touro, and I am proud to be a part of the Touro DPT family.

Heidi A. Quackenboss, Class of 2008

As an alumnus who graduated from the Manhattan Touro College DPT program, I wanted to share some reasons why this program should be considered by any future DPT student. When I began my search for grad schools, at the age of 34, I was working as a PTA, and the most important component to me was a faculty who taught based on real world experience as much as the textbook. I wanted stories and experiences from professors who were actually in the trenches, not the ones who have based education solely on textbooks. Touro's impressive faculty matched my expectations on what I wanted out of a DPT program. The three year educational experience left me with an extensive knowledgebase. The outpatient orthopedic facility where I work has many students from different colleges and universities and few seem to possess the knowledge that Touro DPT grads have. I am proud to be a Touro alumnus - it made me a better therapist and a better human being, and so with each new student I help mold, I use the lessons learned from Touro to pay it forward.

Chad Woodard, Class of 2009

Choosing Touro to get my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree was one of the best career moves I could have made. The classes were interactive, the material was thorough, and the professors include some of the highest quality practitioners and educators in the field. Leaving Touro, I was more than prepared to take my licensing exam, after which I landed my dream job. I would personally recommend this program and the faculty to any prospective student looking for a challenging and rewarding school.

Lynn Berman, Class of 2009

When applying to physical therapy schools, I had previously heard Touro College did a great job of bringing the clinic to the classroom, but I had no idea how well prepared I would be upon graduation. Even on my affiliations, I felt confident and comfortable in all aspects of patient care. I am forever grateful to Touro College and all the faculty. Every teacher took the time to share real life experiences, and pushed us to think as active clinicians instead of like passive students. I graduated with a job and was well prepared for the Boards. I will always consider myself a part of the Touro community and am proud to be associated with their program.