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Speech-Language Pathology Graduate students and professor represent Touro College at a prestigious world recognized international conference in voice: The Voice Foundation Annual Symposium

From May 28 to June 1, hundreds of professionals from the voice care field - surgeons, scientists, speech-language pathologists, voice teachers and performing artists - gathered together in Philadelphia to discuss the latest advances and research in voice during the 42nd The Voice Foundation Annual Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice.

On May 29, Touro College students from the Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology and their mentor, Professor Gisele Oliveira, PhD, presented their paper on Voice and Communication Characteristics in Voicemails: A Comparison between Males and Females. Rina Hoch, Zisel Maxwell, Dina Braunstein did a great job on representing the program and the college at the symposium. Many participants were interested in the topic and complimented them for their great work.

Professor Gisele Oliveira has been a participant and presenter at The Voice Foundation Annual Symposium for the past 11 years, since 2003. This year Professor Oliveira presented five papers, including two international collaborative works (see list below). She was also part of the poster contest committee as a judge.


Title: The Use of iPad for Digital Recording of the Human Voice in the Clinical and Research Settings
Authors:Gisele Oliveira, Gaetano Fava, Rachel Pekarsky

Title: Voice and Communication Characteristics in Voicemails: A Comparison between
Males and Females
Authors: Rina Hoch, Zisel Maxwell, Dina Braunstein, Sharon Sutton, Gisele Oliveira

Title: Cross-Cultural Adaptation, Validation and Cutoff Value of the Italian Version of the Voice Activity and Participation Profile - VAPP
Authors:Gaetano Fava, Nico Paolo Paolillo, Gisele Oliveira, Mara Behlau

Title: The Use of Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Meter Apps in the Clinical Setting
Authors: Gaetano Fava, Jaclyn B. Spitzer, Gisele Oliveira

Title: Linguistic and Cultural Adaptation of the Vocal Fatigue Handicap Questionnaire (VFHQ) into English
Authors:Nico Paolo Paolillo, Gaetano Fava, Gisele Oliveira, Giuseppe Pantaleo, Mara Behlau

Graduate student Dina Braunstein, Dr. Gisele Oliveira, Graduate students Rina Hoch and Zisel Maxwell