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Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology
902 Quentin Road, Brooklyn, New York 11223
(347) 532-6300 x36375 Fax (718) 787-1137

Faculty listing for the 2012-2013 academic year

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Name Extension Room Email
Professor Hindy Lubinsky, Dept. Chair36370514hindy.lubinsky@touro.edu
Dr. Rosalie Unterman, Director of Clinic36380517rosalie.unterman@touro.edu
Prof. Rachelle Kirshenbaum, Assoc. Director of Academics36371515rachelle.kirshenbaum@touro.edu
Prof. Sarah Shain, Assoc. Director of Clinic36381521sarah.shain@touro.edu
Dr. Steven Blaustein36367513steven.blaustein@touro.edu
Dr. Gisele Oliveira36361507gisele.oliveira@touro.edu
Dr. Isabella Reichel36365511Isabella.Reichel@touro.edu
Dr. Karen Schwartz36372531karen.schwartz@touro.edu
Ms. Shoshana Spector36374523Shoshana.spector@touro.edu
Dr. France Weill36364509France.weill@touro.edu
Dr. Seung-yun Yang36362508seung-yun.yang3@touro.edu