Prof. Rachelle Kirshenbaum, Assoc. Director of Academics; Faculty
Position: Associate Director of Academics, Faculty

Professor Kirshenbaum is the Associate Director of Academics for the Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology and teaches in Touro's Graduate Program. She is the founder and the Director of the Graduate Program’s active Student Council, which participates in Touro’s NYSSLHA chapter, fundraisers for Speech causes and motivating school events. She earned her Masters of Science degree from Columbia University, Teacher’s College and her Bachelor of Science degree from CUNY, Brooklyn College. She is licensed by New York State, certified as a Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped (TSHH) and is certified by ASHA. She is past president of Sigma Alpha Eta, the Speech-Language- Hearing Society. As a speech-language pathologist for more than 30 years, Professor Kirshenbaum maintains an active private practice for children and adults. In addition to her position at Touro College, she was a teaching faculty member and a clinical supervisor at Brooklyn College for graduate and undergraduate students, served as the Director of the Speech Pathology Department at various nursing homes, and has been employed by attorneys to acquire speech-language services for school-aged children. Professor Kirshenbaum has delivered presentations relating to topics in the field of speech pathology to physicians, principals and directors of educational programs throughout the Metropolitan area for the past 30 years. She is bilingual in Hebrew.