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Bachelor of Science in Biology

Completion of 120 credits of college-level work approved by the College, with at least 60 credits of liberal arts and sciences, is required for the Bachelor of Science degree.

A major in Biology provides students with a rigorous training and broad background in the biological sciences, helps prepare students for careers in the health sciences, including medicine and dentistry, as well as for more advanced research at the graduate level.

Majors in Biology must take the following courses:

• 6 credits surveying modern, western or world history
• English Composition I (LLE 101) and English Composition II (LLE 102)
• 6 credits of literature
• 3 credits of mathematics at College Math level or above
• 3 credits of computer science
• 3 credits in public speaking or oral communication

Required Courses for the Major (27 credits)
BIO 101 Principles of Biology I 4
BIO 102 Principles of Biology II 4
BIO 493 Research Topics in Biology 3
CPC 101 Principles of Inorganic Chemistry I 4
CPC 102 Principles of Inorganic Chemistry II 4
Two of the following:
CPC 201 Principles of Organic Chemistry I 4
CPC 202 Principles of Organic Chemistry II 4
CPP 101 General Physics I 4
CPP 102 General Physics II 4
Electives from the following (at least 18 credits)
BIO 211 Genetics 4
BIO 222 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIO 223 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
BIO 228 Microbiology 4
BIO 302 Immunology 3
BIO 304 Endocrinology 3
BIO 311 Human Genetics 3
BIO 313 Topics in Biochemistry 3
BIO 318 Cellular and Molecular Biology 4
BIO 321 Parasitology 4
BIO 322 Seminar in Selected Topics in Cell Biology (upon request) 2
BIO 349 Nutrition 3
BIO 355 Pathophysiology 3
BIO 481-482 Independent Study Credits by arrangement
BIO 494 Senior Honors Project in Biology (upon request) 3

General Electives (48 credits maximum)