Herman Tong

A Hospital Corpsman is the enlisted medical specialist for the United States Navy. Usually, we are the primary medical providers for Sailors and Marines on shore and at sea. Some of the duties we perform include the prevention and treatment of disease and injury either in hospitals or battlefields.

For a former Navy Corpsman, the Physician Assistant Program is a natural career progression. When separating from Active Duty, one of the recommendations for Corpsmen is to take advantage of the GI Bill and complete their degree in Physician Assistant.

Touro College is an incredible school with an excellent opportunity to complete your education. Touro is well-versed in the many programs available to veterans, and unlike many other schools, it has a team that is dedicated to helping veterans navigate the system to obtain their benefits. When you combine the convenience and flexibility of the school, it is easy to see why veterans such as myself chose Touro College.

I have truly enjoyed the courses that the professors taught and am grateful to all the staff for their support. Too many times I have heard from students in other schools that they get lost in the shuffle, but I never had that problem at all here at Touro. From the Registrar to the Financial Aid department, you will always find an open door policy and people who sincerely care about your needs.

Graduated Naval School of Health Sciences, 31 Oct. 1986
Honorable Discharge, 17 Apr. 1994
Grade HM2/E-5

Sergeant Matthew P. Tommasino

My name is Sergeant Matthew P. Tommasino, United States Marine Corps Reserve. In between drilling with my unit, I attended Touro College from 2007-2011 where I earned a Bachelor's degree in the Physician Assistant Program. I will also attempt to earn my Master's degree through Touro College's Advanced Placement program, simultaneously completing my contract of duty with the USMCR. During my time at Touro, I have been treated with the upmost respect and appreciation. In addition to my GI bill, I've also received scholarships through the school for my service and active participation in VA benefit programs. In 2010, I was called to serve my country in Afghanistan. At that time I was finishing up my first year in the Physician Assistant program and taking finals. The school allowed me to take a leave of absence in order to fulfill my duties. When I returned, I was given proper remediation and tutoring in order to pick up where I left off. Not only is Touro College an excellent and professional institution, it also understands and values its country and the students who serve it. I can say with complete confidence that Touro College was the best choice for me. To my fellow service members interested in the health science professions, I would affirm that Touro is also the best choice for you.

Daniel Glasser

My name is Daniel Glasser and I am a recent graduate of the Physician Assistant program at Touro College. I served 5 years as a navy corpsman, 2 years active duty, and 3 years in the reserves, the final two of which were while I was attending school at Touro. From the day I first interviewed at Touro, I knew Touro had a strong military community and was dedicated to aiding veterans who were trying to advance their education. Despite the rigorous curriculum, the program was very accommodating to my needs to take one weekend off every month for military obligations. They were also extremely helpful as I tried to navigate the change to the post 9-11 GI bill and other military financial aid offers. Touro is a very inviting place for veterans and serving military members to learn, and I always enthusiastically recommend the program to other veterans looking to go back to school.

Lance Perez

Staff Sergeant in the Army Reserve; still currently serving; 13 years total. Deployed 3 times as a military police officer, in support of Operations Noble Eagle and Iraqi Freedom (2x). Touro College has been an excellent experience for me. The faculty show a genuine concern for each and every student's success. I wouldn't have elected to attend any other school.

Janine Scott Johnson

My name is Janine Scott Johnson. I enlisted in the United States Navy 8 weeks after my 18th birthday. I proudly served on Active Duty for 4 years and then 2 years in a Seabee Battalion Reserve Unit following an Honorable Discharge as a 3rd Class Petty Officer . The majority of my training was in Electrical Engineering although I did obtain an EMT certification and started attending college during my enlistment. I was stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where I worked as an electrician at Port Operations and also at the Migrant Operations Camp as Military Police. I served on board the USS Inchon out of Corpus Christi, Texas for the latter portion of my Active Duty Service. During that time, the ship deployed to the Mediterranean Sea and responded to the Kosovo conflict where I provided humanitarian services to residents, mainly woman and children displaced by the war. Obtaining my EMT certification in the military was the start of my interest in healthcare. My decision to attend Touro College was based on the fact that Touro is a Yellow Ribbon school and acknowledges the service of United States Veterans. I know Touro College is the best choice for realizing my dream of becoming a Physician Assistant.

Nigel K. Quinn

I'm Nigel and I am in the Biology program at Touro College in Bay Shore. This semester I am finishing my last prerequisite science courses and I plan to continue on to earn a Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies. After high school and before coming to Touro College, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I completed boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina and have also been stationed in North Carolina, Florida, Colorado and Maine. My military occupational specialty was Aircrew Door Gunner/Crew Chief and I was trained for the CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter. After leaving the military, I eventually landed at the front doors of Touro College. Inside those doors has proven to be some of my toughest and most rewarding training yet. It may or may not surprise you to hear me say that being a student at Touro College is much like being in the military. OK, it's a lot better than being in Marine Corps boot camp, but after all you are expected to be challenged and to be professional, to be tested and expected to adapt and overcome adversity. You will be trained by the best, treated with respect and in the end you will earn a title you should be proud of, and have experiences you will remember forever. As a veteran I have always been treated with the highest level of respect at Touro College, and I recommend other veterans and reservists apply too. The military is very much a part of the Touro College experience. You will find many staff members, students, doctors and professors who are officers and enlisted service members and veterans. From the front gate to the front door to the classroom, you will get to meet great and proud veterans here at Touro. The staff of the Office of Veterans Affairs at Touro College have always gone above and beyond to show appreciation for the commitment that I made as a Marine. We are even getting our own Veterans lounge! Whether you are a Marine, Soldier, Sailor or Airmen you can be sure every benefit and opportunity will be presented and afforded to you as a veteran. I would definitely recommend coming to Touro College for your undergraduate degree and pursuing a Masters or Doctoral degree at the School of Health Sciences. Having a military foundation and a Touro education will get you exactly where you want to go.

Nigel K. Quinn